Lotto Fair

Make Money from Losing Lottery Tickets

Gambling has changed the lives of many gamblers. The promise of the get-rich chances in gambling has caused its toll to modern society. Gambling-related crimes have increased. Gamblers have neglected their lives including their families and jobs.

On the other hand, gambling benefits the government as well. The high revenues from gambling have enabled the state to fund programs to alleviate poverty.

The most common form of state-sponsored gambling is the instant lottery. Every person involved with the gambling world has bought and scratched lottery tickets. Some people do it often. Some people are entertained by it. Before they realize it, the Lottery tickets they have accumulated are too much.

The instant lottery has tickets that are scratched. That is probably the main difference compared to live lottery where numbers are drawn. The lottery tickets are usually priced from $1 to $20. Buying more tickets increases your chances of winning. Some people get lucky in instant lottery and win as much as $20,000. But in most cases, there are more losers than winners.

Instant Lottery tickets are usually available in vending machines. Convenience stores usually sell instant lottery tickets. The revenues from the sale of instant lottery tickets are used to fund many state programs. Some states get as much as $10 billion to fund education projects from instant lottery.

Hundreds of thousands of people buy instant lottery tickets. In most cases, people buy instant lottery tickets and throw them away if they did not win. Yes, throwing money away with every losing lottery ticket thrown. Some convenience stores throw away losing lottery tickets. Go check your local lottery store and ask for the tickets. They usually give losing lottery tickets for free. You can still make some money from these losing lottery tickets. Sell the lottery tickets. Where? Ebay.

Collecting losing lottery tickets have been an in thing for many collectors. Ebay pays as much as $30 on a small bag of losing lottery tickets. There are over a hundred more internet sites where you can sell your losing lottery tickets. Lotogists, a term for lotto tickets collector, have discussion rooms where you can learn where to dispose those losing lottery tickets. Lotology is the name for the hobby of lotto tickets collecting.

There are many sites in the internet where you can donate or sell your losing lotto tickets. Try the 'Pennsylvania Lottery Merchandise Museum'. The online museum has a lot of lotto merchandise available for viewing. Do a Google or Yahoo! search now and dispose all those losing lottery tickets.