Lotto Fair

Lotto is a great gambling game, everyone plays it in any place in the world, don't you want to give it also a try?

Lotto is the most popular form of gambling in the world, people don't see it as something corrupted because it's approved by governments in all of the countries in the world. Everyone can play it, families is sitting together next to the TV and watch how the host announces the winning numbers. Unlike the familiar casino games, lotto has different rules in every country, the basic are the same, the gambler needs to choose some numbers and wait to the lottery. If the numbers match the ones the gambler chose he wins a sum of money, depends how numbers he guessed right. If he guessed all the numbers he wins the big prize. The difference in the game in different countries is the amount of number that available in the form and the number of numbers you can choose. The sums of the prize are also changes and in some countries like the US the amounts are sometimes real huge.

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Some online blackjack casinos and online casino s also offer different lotto games with amounts changing at every casino, the casinos also offer games like keno – a game similar to the lotto game with a lot numbers to choose from and more numbers than usual the gambler can choose.